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Edit Claim Mapping

There are two ways to edit a claim mapping.

Use the management console

Follow the steps given below to edit a claim mapping.

  1. Access the Management Console (https://<IS_HOST>:<PORT>/carbon).
  2. Go to Main > Identity > Claims and click List.
  3. Click on any available dialect.
  4. From the Claim Dialect view, you can view the claims defined for that particular dialect. claim-dialect-view
  5. Click Edit, enter the new claim information in the required fields, and click Update.

    • If you are editing a local claim, you will see the following:


    • If you are editing an external claim, you will see the following:


Use the configuration file

Alternatively, you can do this by editing claim mappings from the claim-config.xml file (located in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/ folder).


The dialects configured in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/claim-config.xml file get applied only when you start the product for the first time or for any newly created tenants.

With the first startup, dialects and claims are loaded from the file and persisted in the database. Any consecutive updates to the file will not be picked up.

A sample claim mapping is given below.

    <Description>Country name component</Description>