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Set up a resident IdP

MWARE IAM can also act as an IdP, which provides identity for applications, rather than mediating authentication requests between service providers and identity providers.

In such cases, the Identity Server is known as the resident identity provider.

To configure a resident identity provider:

  1. On the MWARE IAM Management Console, go to Main > Identity > Identity Providers > Resident.

  2. On the expanded Resident Realm Configurations tab enter the required values as given below. resident-identity-provider

    Field Description Sample Value
    Home Realm Identifier This is the domain name of the identity provider. If you do not enter a value here, when an authentication request comes to MWARE IAM, a user will be prompted to specify a domain. You can enter multiple identifiers as a comma-separated list. localhost
    Idle Session Time Out This is the duration in minutes for which an SSO session can be idle for. The default value is 15 . 15
    Remember Me Period

    This is the duration in weeks for which MWARE IAM should remember an SSO session given that you have selected the Remember Me option in the MWARE IAM login screen.

    The default value is 2 weeks.


  3. Click Update to save the configurations.