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Logging in to Office365 Using MWARE IAM

This topic provides instructions on how to configure and integrate Office365 with MWARE IAM for authentication and provisioning.

Microsoft Office 365 requires users in on-premise user stores to be synced to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) in the cloud. MWARE IAM Office365 integration allows the users to be provisioned to the Azure AD without using any external tools or additional effort. MWARE IAM is integrated with Office365 using federated identity, which means the password or password hash is not synchronized to the Azure AD because the user authentication is provided by the on-premise MWARE IAM.

Group-based license management

In Azure AD, administrators can define licenses to security groups. Licenses are assigned or removed at the time a user joins or leaves the user group. Using MWARE IAM for user synchronization allows the users to have a special attribute that qualifies them to join a specific user group in Azure AD at the time of provisioning via the IS. Thus, the users are dynamically added to groups and assigned with licenses without any administration overheads.


For instructions to try out this fow, see Configuring Microsoft Azure AD Outbound Provisioning Connector .

Role-based provisioning

Role based provisioning to Microsoft Office365 can be done by configuring the Office365 Outbound Provisioning Connector in MWARE IAM. The MWARE IAM Office 365 Outbound Provisioning Connector supports two ways of provisioning users based on role: